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We are The Leading Company In The Country, With Quality Products.

A Brief

Impex Granite, founded in 2005, is a pioneer in the granite sector, having established itself as a reliable provider of high-quality granite collections in several Mysore locations. Monuments, Kerbstones, Cobbles, Vertical Slabs, Gangsaw Slabs, and Thick Slabs are among our most popular products. What sets us apart from the competition is our insightful and customer-centric attitude.

We blend luxury and elegance together with hundreds of hues and textures. Our aim is to provide a high-quality product at a fair price.
Impex granite Co-Founders
Impex Mission



  • Our objective is to provide clients with long-lasting, high-quality granites that help them realize their dreams of owning a beautiful home.
  • To carefully select the best stones gifted by Mother Nature and carve the beautiful monuments out of them!
  • To supply quality granites at reasonable prices
  • To nurture our workforce with quality work and relationships and also work towards a sustainable environment.
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We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress.

highly specialized engineers

the head of the factory

impex Granite biggest strength is a team of highly motivated employees that work diligently to achieve our mission of supplying strong and stunning granites.