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    There is a wide range of black granite among builders and architects. Still, Nova Black Granite is the most appealing yet versatile construction material used for various purposes. Nova black granite countertops are more rigid than other natural black stones, easy to maintain, scratch, heat, and resistant, and attract eyeballs against exotic stone countertops and backdrops.

    Black granite tiles are the most popular choice among builders and architects for flooring, bathroom, kitchen, wall cladding, or any other application because black granite color will closely associate with premium and exclusivity. Though black granite countertops come in a wide range of patterns and colors and nova black granite slabs have their own appeal, making customers prefer it over other alternatives.

    What is Nova Black Granite?

    The Nova Black Granite slabs are known for their unique texture, quarried from South Indian black granite quarries. These granite countertops bear a dark black background with countless speckles in dull grey tones and greenish-black spread over its surface.

    A few widespread products of this granite variant include wall raisers, steps, floor tiles, bathroom walls, backsplashes, countertops, and more. Among various black granite alternatives, nova black granite tiles are an ideal choice for both commercial and residential construction projects.

    Black Granite Countertops and Tiles

    The black granite countertops and tiles are beautiful, durable, and robust, primarily used indoors and outdoors. It withstands freezing temperatures for all residential and commercial projects, specifically for wall and floor backsplashes, fireplaces, interior flooring, showers, tub surrounds, and more. This black granite can be used for various applications such as countertops, slabs, tiles, tops, windowsills, and stairs.

    Characteristics of Nova Black Granite

    1. Refined appearance.
    2. Stability and Durability.
    3. Universal design application.
    4. High tensile strength.
    5. Slip resistance

    Our nova black granite slabs come directly from the renowned black granite quarries in south India, and we process them at our Impex Granite Factory in Mysuru. Due to our genuine source network and owned factories in India, you can rely on us for on-time deliveries to your construction site. We can deliver it to you regardless of your quantity, size, thickness, or unique finishes. Our granite tiles, slabs, and risers are packed in wooden crates, wrapped in thin polythene sheets, and shipped worldwide.

    Popular Applications of Nova Black Granite

    1. Flooring
    2. Bathroom
    3. Kitchen
    4. Wall cladding
    5. Wall and Floor backsplashes
    6. Fireplaces
    7. Showers
    8. Tub surrounds

    Design Pattern of Nova Black Granite Tiles

    The color and design pattern of granite will solely depend on the quarry from which it is extracted. The quarry has different mineral and chemical properties, giving a natural and elegant finish. These granite also comes with various products such as tiles, countertops, and slabs famous for commercial and residential properties.

    Technical Performance of Nova Black Granite Slabs

    The technical performance will let us know the various characteristics and properties of the black granite variants. The black granite is resistant to heat and scratch, withstands freezing temperatures, and can be cleaned or sanitized with soapy water or granite cleaning liquids making less maintenance.

    • Acid Sensitivity:

      The granite is not vulnerable to acids because it is not a calcite-based stone. However, some stones might have marked acid sensitivity, but they might have calcium in their makeup; it’s vital to check the label and see if it contains any acid properties because it can cause damage to your granite.

    • Absorption:

      The absorption of these granite tiles is directly proportional to the porosity of the application, and black granite countertops exhibit a low-level absorption. So there is no hassle covering the stone with extra coating or material. To keep the granite tiles fresh and shiny, you can often wipe up spills on the surface without worry.

    • Abrasion Resistance:

      To determine the potential to fight surface wear of any granite is called abrasion resistance, and on the Mohs scale, it is rated at 3.5-6.5. The abrasion resistance is precious for countertops and flooring applications due to the high scratching resistance compared to other granite stones.

    Mechanical Properties of Nova Black Granite Tiles

    The mechanical properties of the Nova black granite countertops are based on design patterns, usefulness, and performance. These vital elements are checked based on the granite absorption, abrasion, and acid sensitivity quotient. Every granite supplier and manufacturer in India will opt for a lab test for various parameters to check the performance and quality.

    • Flexural Strength:

      As the name says, the flexural strength will decide the granite bending strength, and it is easily performed by applying a quick load using a simple beam. This test will show you the strengths of the granite.

    • Compressive Strength:

      The compressive strength is performed on granites to check whether they will withstand the shocks and forces applied during installation and transportation or not.

    • Durability:

      The durability of nova black granite countertops will let you know the granite’s hardness testing and exposes the granite stone’s resistance prone to scratching and abrasion. Improve the durability by choosing granite with lower water absorption and small pore sizes.

    • Polishing Surface:

      The polishing surface appearance is vital for understanding the granite lusterless added to the surface. The finish emphasizes the granite’s essential characteristics, and the color seems more throbbing with this finish.

    • Bush Hammered:

      The bush hammered is performed using a tool resembling a hammer. The tool will consist of triangular points, which are hit against the granite surface to enable a battered look. The battered look will enable a textured surface, which is used to weaken the color of the granite.

    • Honed:

      Hone finish is also called buffed or matte finish, and this will result in a very even and smooth surface without any shine or reflection for black granite slabs or tiles. This finish is performed to prevent people from slipping on the granite.

    • Lapatora:

      The lapotra is also known as the brushed finish. It is the new leathered finishing pattern prepared by capturing the surface of the hone by applying diamond-tipped brushes, which cause delicate dimples on the surface texture.

    • Flamed:

      This technique applies continuous high flaming heat to the granite countertops, slabs, or tiles to cause stone grains to burst open and change their original color, which results in the combination of faded surface texture and the natural color of the granite. This technique is not preferred for indoor applications.

    • Installation:

      The installation of granite countertops is the job of skilled and technical specialists to make the installation project the best. It requires a lot of focus and accuracy, and our experts have developed proven work plans that allow them to complete their tasks. Once your unique black granite is installed in your application, we protect it by maintaining the seal on the stone surface to keep it intact.

    Why is Impex's Granite A Preferred Choice Among Contractors And Builders Worldwide?

    • Natural stone like black granite proffers attractive visual appeal and market cost.
    • Every nova black tile or slab is different and contains characteristic veining, rainbow-like flecks, or mottling.
    • Black granite is a versatile color that suits almost any counterpart, space, and surroundings well.
    • These black granite doesn’t get sabotaged by various harsh acidic fluids.
    • Our black granite seamlessly manages heat without any damage.
    • Black granite doesn’t promote the growth of microorganisms on its surface or textures.
    • One can easily clean the black granite surface with a mild detergent and a moist sponge.
    • When proper care is provided, its surface stays undamaged and unspoiled for a long time.
    • Unlike other countertop alternatives, nova black granite tiles are cost-efficient in terms of investment and installation expenses.

    Impex Granite is the leading granite service provider of marbles, exotic stones, cobbles, and other granite tiles at competitive rates. With exceptional in-house experts, we can help you build spaces for commercial and residential purposes regardless of shape, size, quantity, color, type, finishes, coating, and other mechanical and technical properties. Contact India’s most prominent natural black granite exporters to make your dream vision a reality.