Granite Exporter Welcome to Impex Granite Pvt Ltd. The art of meeting our customer's expectations is- "excellence," which is subtly reflected in our work. As a successful black granite supplier in South India, we design seamless and impeccable glossy and classic granite that redefines your style. Hundreds of vibrant colors, textures, and patterns tell a unique story every time. Quality is number one About impex Granite Impex Granite team Granite Industry Welcome to Impex Granite Pvt Ltd. Crafting Pristine, Sophisticated, and Timeless Granites since 2004

The art of meeting our customer’s expectations is- “excellence” which is subtly reflected in our work. We design seamless and impeccable granites which are glossy and classic that redefine your style. Hundreds of vibrant colors, textures, and patterns tell the unique story every time.
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High-quality black granites

Premium Quality Guaranteed

We promise the best in the market and the finest quality granites that satiate all your requirements. We take great care in creating masterpieces,
from selecting the most suitable stones to the finishing touches.
As granite suppliers, our top priority is to provide customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality granites at cost-effective rates.
Impex granite technology

Advanced Technology

For multiple potential clients worldwide, Impex Granite is the preferred black granite supplier for their upcoming projects due to its top-notch infrastructure, machinery, and latest technology, which ensures that the process is accurate and quick.
We are a granite exporter company that employs innovative technical methods to extract and shape stones from specific locations, cut them into slabs,
color them, and polish them for a brilliant, sparkling texture.
Impex granite supplier team

Zealous Team

Our strongest pillars are a group of over 80 devoted employees. Our members have a combined experience of more than 30 years in determining the suitable stones for the most remarkable outcomes. As a thriving black granite exporter, having multiple teams and different projects is vital.
Each person strives to put up the best effort possible, and collectively we create intricate designs.
Safety precautions on impex granite factory

A Pleasant Working Environment with Safety Precautions

At Impex Granite, we provide a welcoming environment that encourages everyone to work safely. We take all necessary measures, from wearing a safety jacket and helmet to offering the appropriate training to manage critical emergencies. We are India's leading black granite exporter, no matter your order size, volume, or location. We ship across the globe with a fast turnaround providing the client with the best viable product at the most competitive price.
Impex Granite

About The Company

With over 16 years of experience in the stone industry, we are dedicated to supplying our valued clients with long-lasting, sturdy, and artistically crafted granites. We are India's top Absolute black granite supplier with a wide range of products, manufacturing capacity, specialization, management expertise, and client portfolios. Feel free to talk to our friendly experts for further information.

A Reliable Granite Supplier With Absolute High Quality.

A cutting-Edge technology, ingenious machines, and expert workers come together to create the best quality granites.

From mining the large chunks of stones from the earth’s crust to that final sparkling and glossy look, granites go through a lengthy process.

Impex granite supplier team

Professional Team

With a team of engineers and highly specialized workers, we ensure the products we make will be extremely quality.
Impex granite supplier team

Great Support

Our support and advice team always helps customers to wholeheartedly and answer all customers' questions.
Impex granite supplier team

Smart Work

We always work smart, high-tech modern equipment and machinery. we deliver perfect granite's at right time, at right place
Impex granite employee health and safety

Health & Safety

As India's most famous black granite supplier, we follow a positive, productive, generous work culture! We never compromise our employees' health or safety. We operate safely and give our employees the skills to cope with critical emergencies. Our top priority is health and safety.
Granite exporter without environmental damage


We at Impex Granite believe it is our collective and individual responsibility to protect our planet! As a reliable granite exporter, we follow all the regulations and standards established by the government to operate safely and without causing environmental damage.
impex granite with solar powered

We are Solar Powered!

We are also contributing towards the advancement of green energy on our planet! We are harnessing the sun's unlimited power by installing solar panels, which save around 50% of our electricity costs and power our machines and other electrical equipment.

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    FAQ of customer

    Customer's Frequently asked Question about granite's
    A temperature difference of 80 to 90 degrees within your granite countertops is required to produce enough thermal stress to cause a crack. Do not keep any heat source for an extended time period.
    Do the water drop test. If the water darkens the stone, then the sealer has to be applied.
    Granite: Granite is a more durable material that resists heat, chemicals, stains, and scratches. It comes in thousands of different colours. The general look ranges from fine to rough graining, with little to a lot of speckles. Granite is the most usable of all stones.

    Marble: Unless the buyer is ready to endure the changes associated with usage, marble is a softer material with limited uses. The beauty or look of marble is its most valuable attribute. The most significant disadvantage of marble is its sensitivity to stains, chemicals, and scratches.
    Granite is extremely durable and will not be scratched if a knife is used on the surface.

    While blades will not harm the stone, cutting directly on it is not recommended for a number of reasons. For starters, it will dull your knives. Second, many foodstuffs include acidic elements that might potentially permeate the stone and cause discolouration.
    It's also worth noting that any material harder than granite might generate scratches and dents. Diamond jewellery, sapphires, quartz, and silica sand-containing items, for example, can damage granite.
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