Granite Countertop Restoration

Granite Countertop Restoration: Expert Tips on Repairing Cracks and Chips

Granites have a reputation for their color, pattern, elegance, endurance, and beauty. Countertops are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to which they give a dash of sophistication. Granites are igneous rocks formed from cooled magma. This makes the countertops heat and scratch-resistant.

Even the hardest stone can deteriorate in time, and so can the granite countertops. Just because replacing or hiring a professional to repair the damage is expensive, some customers choose to ignore cracks in their countertops. Cracks could grow wider over time. Filling up a crack with a material that binds to the granite or stone is a safe repair option.

If you’re looking for expert tips and tricks on restoring countertops, fixing cracks or scratches in granite. Then this blog is for you.

Granite Countertop Restoration

Granites are natural stones that can be maintained for 100 years or more with proper care. It is a pretty elegant stone, but the only problem with it is that both damage and features look alike. Certain features can be misunderstood as scratches, cracks, or chips.

While pits look like chips in the stone, fissures appear as cracks or scratches. These are specific instances of the stone’s inherent features, which are not affected by the repair and do not alter the stone’s stability.

Understanding the types of damages

  1. Cracks :

    Cracks are surface fractures or fissures in granite that are caused by various factors, including pressure or jarring impacts.

  2. Scratches :

    Scratches might appear, especially when using abrasive cleaning techniques or while dragging large objects over the surface.

  3. Chips :

    A chunk of the granite surface breaks off, producing a visible gap or depression. Large objects being dumped on the countertop can cause chips.

Expert Tips For Repairing Granite Countertop

Expert Tips For Repairing Granite Countertop

You’ll need to find a repair kit. Keep in mind that you’ll also need paper towels and painter’s tape to prevent items from getting too soiled.

You can choose between resin and epoxy. The only difference between resin and epoxy is that resin takes more time to harden, while epoxy begins to solidify as soon as the mixture is complete.

Although granite countertop cracks are not always deadly, they may deteriorate with time. But let’s take a look in detail at how to repair each type of damage separately because If you know how to fix them, it will be simple.

Granite Scratch Repair

Granite is very scratch-resistant, but it is not completely impervious. So don’t be alarmed if you find a fissure. Without any second thoughts, first tape off the affected area. It’s like giving first aid to a stone. Then apply resin or epoxy, and make sure to collect some granite dust to match the color of your countertop. Just wipe with the paper towel in case of any spills. Finally, polish it and reseal it, and it will appear brand new.

Fixing Chips and Cracks

When dealing with chips, clean the chipped area with denatured alcohol. After cleaning the surface, repeat the same process but with a lesser product or material. Especially for chips on the edges, use a thick layer of superglue to put the missing piece back on.

Now for the cracks, use resin instead of superglue. After it’s dried completely, polish it with diamond polishing pads for a glossy shine.

Now, are you wondering how to skip this process and maintain the granite properly?

Don’t worry! Here, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to maintain your elegant granite countertops.

Expert tips to maintain granite countertops

  1. Even though granites are tough in nature, their elegance and beauty still need to be maintained.
  2. When it comes to granite, we recommend you use Indian granite, as it’s the highest quality you can find in the world.
  3. Never use harsh chemical or organic cleansers. Just use a soft, dry microfiber cloth.
  4. To maintain the same shine as new, use cooking oil on the soft microfiber and buff it gently on your countertop.
  5. Avoid sharp objects like knives, which may cause scratches on your countertop.
  6. We highly recommend sealing your countertops every six months, or at least once a year, to protect the granite from staining.

When should you seek our assistance?

The cost of a complete replacement may be avoided by having your granite countertops restored, giving your kitchen a whole new lease on life. So bear in mind that these will work effectively only in cases of minor damage. If the damage is extensive, it is important to reach out to us.

Wrapping it up!

Our expert tips have highlighted the importance of timely repairs and the use of premium-quality materials. We take pride in offering you a cost-effective alternative to a complete replacement. Impex Granites is your trusted granite supplier when it comes to expert solutions to repair chips, scratches, and cracks in your granite countertops. Our dedication to excellence will restore both the structural integrity and flawless beauty of the stone.

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