The Journey


We’ve gone a long way from selling granites to local markets to shipping 200+ containers of granite Cobbles to Dubai’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa’s Parking Space.

We transform the stones using the best machinery for that striking and ravishing shiny surface.

Let us walk you through our milestones that reflect how far we have come while also encouraging us to continue accomplishing and venturing on our journey!

2004: Sri Minaxi Granite Industry Was Founded In 2004 And Is Where Our Products Are Exported.

This Facility Produces Monuments, Kerbstones, And Cobblestones.

In The Same Year, We Delivered Around 250 Containers Of Granite Cobbles To The Parking Garage Of Dubai’s Tallest Building, The Burj Khalifa.

2005: Establishment Of Impex Granite Where The Vertical Slabs And Gangs Saw Slabs Are Made

2010: Minaxi Store Impex Pvt Ltd Was Incorporated Where The Thick Slabs Are Fabricated

  • Our granites fraternity grew a little larger in 2010 with the establishment of Minaxi Store Impex Pvt Ltd in the Tandavpura Industrial Area. Mysore
  • Highly advanced machinery is used to process and produce thick slabs in this factory.

2020: Exported Granite Cobbles And Kerb Stones For The Parking Space Of Dubai Expo 2020

  • Our excellent quality granites as well as our innovative craftsmanship enabled us to seize the best chance!
  • We exported Granite Cobbles and Kerb Stones for the parking area of the 2020 Dubai Expo.

2021: Our Absolute Black Granites Are Exported To The USA