Maintain Granite Cobblestone Pavers

Tips to maintain Granite Cobblestone Pavers

Granite Cobblestones are natural stones that are popularly known for their endurance, beauty, and decorative properties. Their classy and elegant appearance makes them a perfect choice when it comes to residential or commercial outdoors. However, natural stones like granite cobblestones also need regular cleanup and maintenance to look great for decades or even up to a century.

That is why Impex Granite has outlined a few tips in this blog, that will help you maintain and restore the beauty of these granite pavers.

What Are Granite Cobblestone Walkways?

Granite cobblestone walkways are outdoor paths that are small natural, and tumbling granite stones that are often set out in a pattern. These pathways are well-known for their classic and timeless aesthetic. The size, color, and shape of the granite cobblestones used in pathways differ leading to their visual attractiveness. They provide a long-lasting and resilient surface that is suited for both home and commercial spaces as well. These cobblestones are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have the capability to withstand harsh outdoor uses.

How to Maintain Granite Cobblestone Pavers?

Here are some tips on how to upkeep the beauty of your outdoors:

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is one of the most important tips for maintaining cobblestone pavers. Use a broom or leaf blower to remove debris, leaves, and dirt from the surface. You can also use a hose to clean the granite grime on the pavers. But ensure the water pressure is not too high that it can disrupt and damage the sand in the joints.

Renew Joint Sand

The sand in the joints can be washed away or erode on its own as the days pass. To maintain the beauty and integrity of the cobblestone walkways remember to examine the joints regularly and refill the sand joints whenever necessary. Also, don’t forget to check and kill the weeds.

Weed Prevention

Weeds are basically hazardous to granite cobblestones as they not only ruin the beauty of the stone but also cause damage to the integrity of the paver joints. So it’s very crucial to prevent weeds from growing in between your pavers. It’s always wise and safe to use any weed barrier fabric or eco-friendly weed killer to avoid damage to the pavers.

Removing Stain

Ways to Maintain Granite Cobblestone Pavers

Oil, grease, and organic stains can take away the beauty of granite pavers. To keep their clean appearance, treat stains as soon as possible. Oil and grease may be soaked up with absorbent products such as kitty litter, while organic stains can be cleaned with a light detergent and a stiff brush. Also, consider using expert stain removers for tough stains.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using strong and harsh chemicals or any acid-based cleansers to clean your granite cobblestone pavers. These can ruin the surface of the granite and weaken the sand joint. To maintain the pavers in good condition, use pH-neutral cleansers or natural cleaning products.

Cracks and Chips Repairs

In order to keep cobblestone pavers in good condition, check them for cracks or chips. Address these issues as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Minor cracks may be repaired using epoxy resin, and small chips can be filled with a matching epoxy or granite filler.

Routine Checkups

It is crucial to check your granite cobblestone pavers on a regular basis. You can avoid more serious damage and costly repairs by detecting and treating problems as they arise. Make inspecting your pavers at least once a season a routine.

Seek Help of Professionals

Think about hiring professionals for crucial maintenance work or if you are unsure about your skill level. Expert advice and handling of processes such as resealing, major repairs, or elaborate pattern restorations only be provided by experienced professionals.

Why choose Impex Granite?

Maintaining your granite cobblestone outdoors is mandatory because it restores its beauty and extends the lifespan of the stone. With proper care and maintenance, your pavers can last up to a century or more. Our expert tips are the key to the long-lasting elegance of cobblestone pavers. Remember to do regular examinations and seek our professional help whenever necessary.

Impex Granites not only provides exquisite cobblestone pavers but also guides you with essential tips for their maintenance. As we conclude this insightful journey into preserving the longevity and allure of granite cobblestone pavers, it’s evident that Impex Granites stands as a paragon of quality and support. From the initial selection of premium materials to offering invaluable maintenance tips, Impex Granites emerges not just as a supplier but as a trusted partner in enhancing and sustaining the timeless beauty of your outdoor spaces.

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