Marble or Granite Flooring

Comparing Marble and Granite Flooring: Which One is Right for You?

Finding and choosing the right surfacing materials for your house, office, or any commercial space is extremely important. There are a variety of options available. But, when it comes to achieving a luxurious, classy look, the choice narrows down to two; flooring or marble flooring.

Hence, in this blog, we compare marble vs granite flooring extensively to ease your decision-making process.

Multiple factors come into the picture before one can consider marble vs granite slabs, or tiles, and so on. The factors that are important before one can choose between the two options are:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Pricing
  • Eco-consciousness
  • Installation
  • Health & Safety

We will address each factor and see whether marble or granite flooring, is the better option in comparison. The comparison will help you reach make an informative decision in your projects and also conclude the debate on marble vs granite flooring. Let’s go.

Comparing Two Significant Surfacing Materials: Marble vs Granite Flooring

  1. Aesthetics:

    When it comes to appearance, both marble and granite flooring provide luxurious appearances. Although, the patterns seen in them are different. Marbles have a veining pattern while granite tiles or slabs have a more granular and speckled appearance.

    Even when it comes to the variety of options, both marble and granite have greater varieties in patterns. The patterns occur naturally and enhance the aesthetics in both cases. Hence, when it comes to appearance, both granite and marble flooring are almost toe to toe. The choice is completely dependent on the user’s choice.

  2. Durability:

    When it comes to longevity, granite floors end up being the clear winner. As the marbles are a lot more porous when compared to granite, marble tends to be softer. Hence, granite slabs and tiles are a stronger option compared to marble.

    The porosity makes marble more prone to stains, scratches, and surface damage through acidic substances when compared to granites.

    Hence, granite flooring, being stronger, scratch-resistant are considered more durable than marble.

  3. Maintenance:

    When it comes to maintenance, it is the effort, time, and money spent on cleaning that decides which of the two options is better. Granites again come out as winners in this case.

    Why, do you wonder? It is again due to the characteristic material nature of these natural stones. Marble which is crystalline in its nature and loses its shine with time while granite being an indigenous rock has the property to retain its shine.

    Also, the less porousness in the granite tiles and slabs makes them easier to maintain. One does not require as much sealing as marbles require to protect them from stains.

    Marbles need to be cleaned more frequently to maintain their original luxurious appearance and protect them from harmful acidic etching and stains.

  4. Pricing:

    When it comes to deciding the expenses involved, factors including the price of the surfacing materials, their installation, and the long-term expenditure of the overall maintenance need to be taken into consideration.

    Keeping the above factors in mind, granite is a more reasonable than marble for flooring. As granite is stronger, needs less maintenance, and it is also a cheaper option compared to marble. This makes granite a budget-friendly and affordable option.

  5. Durable:

    Absolute black granites have stronger heat resistance and are scratch and stain-proof. This makes granites absolutely the best choice to use in places that involve a lot of wear and tear, including kitchens and bathrooms.

    Granite not only enhances your interiors but provides long-lasting solutions. Hence, granites are a practical choice while not compromising on the looks of your interiors!

Comparison of Granite Flooring vs Marble Flooring
  1. Low Maintenance:

    As granites have a natural anti-microbial tendency, it does not allow the growth of bacteria or any allergens, hence granite countertops are extremely prevalent.

    As it requires only mild cleaners to keep the surface clean and, because of its durability, granites require low maintenance.

  2. Eco-consciousness:

    When it comes to being eco-conscious, granite being the stronger material compared to marble, is more durable. Hence it lasts longer and requires no replacement for a longer time than when compared to marbles.

    Also, granite can be cut into larger slabs compared to marble, making them a more sustainable option compared to marble.

  3. Installation:

    Due to the strong nature of granite slabs and tiles, while installing granite floors, it does not require as much care. Contrarily, marble being more delicate, requires extra care during its installation.

    As a result, marble flooring installation takes longer compared to granite flooring. Making granite floors , time efficient and a better choice when it comes to the installation process.

  4. Practicality:

    When it comes to flooring, one needs to also think about slip resistance. Marbles are more slippery when compared to granite. Due to granite tiles or slabs’ intrinsic granular nature, granite tiles are slip-resistant.

    Also, granites have more tolerance for foot-traffic than marbles and can also be used under heating systems at homes or offices, making them the more practical option.

  5. Health and Safety:

    Granites are heat-resistant, while marbles are not. And when exposed to heat or acid, marbles can emit carbon dioxide. Hence it is recommended to remain cautious while deciding their use in Kitchens.

    While granite slabs are recommended to be used as kitchen countertops, or for floors under heating systems, using marble instead is not safe in those instances.

The above comparison brings some context to how one can decide between the two surfacing materials.

Hence, when deciding between granite flooring and marble, one needs to weigh the requirements and see which option suits their project best in terms of aesthetics, durability, level of maintenance, and so on.

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