How to choose

How to Choose the Right Granites for Different Sections of Your Home

Picking the right granite for different rooms in the house is an art. Each section of the home demands a different color palette, usage, and set of criteria.

Every owner’s ambition is to have those wonderful and sparkling natural stones in prominent places in their home. They go above and beyond to have them make their house appear beautiful.

Here are a few pointers to make your granite choosing process go as smoothly as possible.


A kitchen is a prominent place in every household since the food is cooked many times a day!

Choosing strong and thick granite that is least absorbent does the trick. Choose tougher granite worktops over bright or shimmering slabs because the kitchen is not a showpiece but rather a messy location where strains and grime occur most of the time.

Make sure the slabs are cleaned on a regular basis, especially in the kitchen. Also, exercise caution while handling acidic chemicals such as lemon, vinegar, and so on.

Liquids should not be spilled frequently, and heat-resistant cushions should be used for increased longevity.

You may choose colors and patterns that complement your kitchen cabinet. Black is one of the most popular granite colors for kitchens. Gives the kitchen a sophisticated appearance. Use this only if the kitchen is adequately ventilated and has enough natural light.

White Granites provide a fresh and modern appeal to the kitchen.

Red works well with wooden or brown cupboards. It provides the kitchen with a bold and lively appearance.


Bathrooms are the most often used and may quickly get cluttered. Natural granite slabs are more popular than artificial stones, particularly in bathrooms.

Choose larger granite tiles for the flooring and vanity countertops with beautiful patterns and rich colors to make the bathrooms seem and feel sophisticated. Choose a vanity countertop color that complements the flooring and walls.

Even the bathroom countertops can go messy since the liquids from soaps, paste and other products may fall upon them, so it’s very crucial to clean it regularly for more durability and shine

Colors option

You can go with black, grey, cream and white colors which have amazing patterns on them

Living room

We typically spend a lot of time with our family members in the living room. To get a rich and upbeat appearance, use a glossy, sparling smooth surface and bright colors such as white, cream, blue, and black.

Make sure they are easy to clean and blend well with the rest of your home’s design.


During rainy seasons, home entrances might get muddy, so use dark colors such as black, crimson, and brown. Choose larger granite flooring to make the space appear larger. The staircases can be covered with black or red granites to make them more attractive

Pooja room

Pooja rooms should have a tranquil and peaceful vibe emanating from all sides. White granites are commonly used to get the desired effect.

Popular color trends of 2021


Black granite adds an attractive and pleasant aspect to the kitchen and other places where it is used. Nero Mist, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Absolute Black, and Impala are some popular black granite countertops.


White Granite color has a nice and relaxing influence on the psyche. It is commonly used in flooring as well as bathroom vanity tops.

To name a few Alaska White, Alps White, Andino White, Colonial White, New River white, Moon White, Mystic spring


A bold and bright look defines Red Granite

Imperial Red, Mungeria Red, Red multicolor, Lakha red ruby red, baltic red, Asian top


Blue granite lends a vivid appeal to any space it is placed in; if blue is your favorite color, blue granite will add a sense of happiness to your house! There are three types: blue pearl, polar blue, and Bahia blue.

Green :

It provides a fresh and unique look to the room, though it was not famous back then, nowadays it is gaining more popularity. A few of the types are green eyes,costa emerald-green Marinace, Safari green, uba tuba granite.


The majority of brown granites are manufactured in India. Tan brown, Desert brown, coffee brown, fantasy brown, rainforest brown, Icon Brown, Ivory Brown, and other brown granites can be used in kitchens, floors, and stairs.

Follow the below simple steps to decide on the suitable granite colors

  • Make sure the color of the granite you select is in contrast to other home interior decors’ colors. Look for the color contrasts in blogs and magazines and decide on a suitable color
  • How do you define home? Traditional, Vintage, or Modern? These decisions can narrow down your color and pattern selection
  • We repeat, select the Granite that blends well with other colors at home.

Why Granite is the better option compared to Marble

Granite is less costly, has more color possibilities and designs, is more durable than marble, requires less care, and is heat resistant, but it is more sensitive to scratches and stains.

Though marble has similar qualities to granite, it is more costly, less durable, and requires more maintenance.