Tips for maintaining granite monuments

How to Handle, Install, and Clean Granite Memorials

Memorials serve to identify a dear one’s grave and to keep their memory alive for friends and family. It follows that the family would want to choose a headstone that will look elegant and can withstand the natural elements. This is the reason why granite markers are the most chosen option. Granite is highly durable and has a classic look. It can be molded into designs and is easy to engrave on.

Granite memorials last for years without losing their shine. But as black granite suppliers will tell you, granite monuments need careful handling and also, a basic amount of maintenance. Let us look at a few tips on how to handle and maintain granite markers and black granite monuments.

Tips for Handling Granite Headstones

Granite exporters and black granite suppliers will rightly tell you that granite has extraordinary durability but they will also tell you that it can be susceptible to getting chipped or scratched. With a few precautions and a little care, black granite headstones can be transported and moved without any damage. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Avoid dragging or pushing the granite memorials along the ground. However, if you cannot avoid it, push them along the unexposed edges.
  • It is safer to carry granite markers vertically and not horizontally. This reduces the risk of them developing cracks. It would also be a better idea to move them at one go to reduce the risk of them breaking or chipping.
  • If granite needs to be leaned against something, then like seen at granite and black granite suppliers’, it is best to use a softwood board or thick cloth for cushioning. It’s best to wipe the granite before leaning it against another surface.
  • Granite memorials should not be kept near oil or rusted metal as oil and rust stains are very difficult to remove from untreated granite.
  • If you are using help for moving the granite it is best to train the people who are going to be handling the black granite monuments. Handlers with experience working with granite exporters or black granite suppliers will be able to impart training for safe handling.
Tips for Handling Granite Headstones

Tips for Installing Granite Markers

Smaller, flatter granite markers are easy to install whereas thicker, bigger ones will need mechanical assistance.

Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind while installing granite memorials:

  • It is advisable to check if there are any cemetery regulations that need to be adhered to. This way one can avoid chances of damage in redoing the installation.
  • If possible, black granite monuments should be installed on a soft bed of fine sand. This will protect the headstones from the stress of heavy equipment.
  • Doing the above will also prevent water from collecting under black granite headstones. This is especially useful in areas that get snowfall.
  • In case the granite memorials have vase holes, it’s best to pack dirt around them. The holes are weakened areas and the dirt packed around them cushions them from any external stress.

Tips for Cleaning Granite Monuments

Granite memorials are placed in the memory of loved ones who are no longer with us. Like their memory, we would like to keep the headstones shining and beautiful. But there are a few things to keep in mind while cleaning so that the granite markers don’t get damaged:

  • Here are a few things needed for cleaning granite memorials – clean water, bucket, hose, hand-held spray bottles, soft nylon bristle brushes, soft cloth, or sponge, scraping tools that won’t damage the granite surface, gloves, trash bags, and mild cleaning detergent.
  • Ensure that the headstone is stable, so you don’t inadvertently damage it. Use the soft brush to remove dead leaves, bird droppings, etc.
  • Now, water down the headstone and keep it moist during the process of cleaning. This will protect the granite from chips and scratches.
  • Gently rub the stone with a soft brush to get the more stubborn dirt off. At this stage, you can apply the mild detergent solution too.
  • Rinse the soap off thoroughly with clean water and ensure that there is no residual soap on the granite or around it.

This will help keep granite monuments clean and shining. But, this needn’t be done more than once a year – higher frequency than that could rob the granite of its luster and make it vulnerable to scratches and cracks.


Black granite headstones make for beautiful and durable markers of the memory of loved ones. However, they need to be handled with care. With the above tips, one can install and maintain granite memorials without worrying about damaging them.

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