Maintain Absolute Black Honed Granite

Tips for Maintaining Absolute Black Honed Granite

Most of us prefer to incorporate more natural materials while doing the décor of our house. But, we also like to achieve a unique look for our personal space. Absolute black honed granite strikes this clever balance of giving a natural, yet sophisticated look to the space used in. It has the durability of granite and lends a rich look to contemporary designs.

Owing to the matte finish of honed granite, any scratch, dirt, or stain is easily visible on its surface. So, if you like an absolute black honed granite countertop, read on for practical pointers on how to maintain it. Regular care will ensure that it lasts long without losing its rich look.

What is Absolute Black Honed Granite?

Granite is a very versatile stone and is available in different finishes. Other than polished and leathered, a sought-after finish is that of a honed look. Black granite suppliers achieve this look by using coarse abrasives to grind the stone. They stop just before the stone becomes shiny. What you get from this process is a matte, non-reflective finish. Black honed granite obtained this way is subtler and lends a sophisticated look to the design.

Honed granite has a deep hue and smooth texture. It is less slippery and so makes a great choice for countertops. However, stains and dirt show up more easily on its surface and so it requires regular maintenance.

With a little extra care, your honed black granite kitchen countertop will retain its rich look for years. Here is a compilation of daily care tips you can follow:

  • Blot away spills, immediately especially acidic ones, and then wipe down the area with a soft wet cloth. Wiping before blotting will only make the liquid spread more. Follow this up with a wipe using a clean, dry cloth.
  • Wipe the counter every day using a soft, wet cloth. For more stubborn dirt you can use a soft-bristled brush and a mild stone cleanser. Spray the cleaning solution, brush the dirt away gently, and rinse with warm water. Again, follow it up with a dry wipe-down.
Absolute Black Honed Granite
  • The above scrubbing routine can be done once a week on the entire slab to keep it clean and grime-free.
  • Avoid using any kind of sharp and abrasive tool like metal scrubs, knives, etc. directly on the honed granite. The scratches left by such sharp objects will be clearly visible on the matte surface of absolute black granite.
  • Use a mild cleaning solution. Avoid anything that is acidic or too basic as these can leave stains on the slab.
  • Despite all precautions, if you end up getting a stain on the granite countertop you can follow this simple technique to get rid of it. Make a paste by slowly pouring warm water into half a cup of baking soda. The consistency should not be too sticky or too runny. Spread it over the stain and seal it with plastic wrap. Leave it overnight. Remove the dried paste with a putty knife taking care not to scratch the slab. Rinse with a soft, wet cloth and wipe down with a dry one.

These practical pointers are simple enough to be made a part of the routine care of the honed granite countertops in your house. This will ensure that all that can be seen on the granite will be the richness and deep hue and not any unwanted stains or scratches.

While absolute black honed granite, is less porous than polished granite, it is a good idea to seal the surface regularly. Let us see how to do this.

How to Seal Honed Granite?

The best thing you can do for your absolute black honed granite countertop is to seal it once or twice a year. This is a simple process that gives a high level of protection to the slab.

  • Choose a natural stone sealant. Keep a roller or soft cloth ready.
  • Make sure that there is proper air circulation in the area and also mask off the areas around the countertop that should not be sealed.
  • Spray the sealant on the surface of the granite.
  • Spread it gently all over using the roller or cloth.
  • Leave the sealant to dry for about an hour.
  • Apply the second layer of sealant repeating the above steps.


Absolute black honed granite hugely elevates the look of the space it sits in. It needs a more maintenance than polished granite. By following the above care tips, you can increase the life of your countertop and enjoy its beauty for years.

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