Black Granite Countertops

Tips to Bring Elegance into the Kitchen with Black Granite Countertops

We live in a world where tiny details like the type and color of Granite countertops can define your bathrooms and kitchens and drastically elevate the value of your property. While countertop trends have been changing continuously over the years, the most popular trends for homes of this age are granite and quartz. Granite is an igneous rock that is composed of natural quartz, silica, and a few other organic materials. Most of the granite used to make granite kitchen countertops are exported from quarries in Brazil, India, Italy, and China. This material gained popularity due to its extremely durable nature and naturally beautiful patterns that are timeless and impossible to replicate on other materials.

Usually found in darker shades with busier patterns Black granite countertops bring a more traditional look and feel to your house with the flowy maximalist prints. Due to this, and the fact that it is not very heavy on the pocket, granite is the perfect choice of material required for you to build your kitchen.

Why Black Granite

These days, the shades of grey are most perceived as elegant, sleek, and clean, due to the effect of intricacy it adds to the environment. The best shade, however, is black. You can never go wrong with black granite when it comes to decorating your house. Opting for black granite countertops for your kitchen will allow you to create a refreshing environment, especially with the help of the contrasting effect that takes place, without having to worry about upkeep.

Moreover, there is nothing more you can desire after you opt for the timeless design of Nova black granite, along with its sturdy, durable nature and smudge-free surfaces that do not need to be cleaned or wiped down from time to time. This is the cost-effective solution to a modern household’s interior decoration needs.

Benefits of choosing Black Granite

There are several benefits to choosing black granite stone for kitchen countertops.

  1. The overall ambiance of your kitchen is elevated massively. Black granite looks great and pairs well with all sorts of flooring, shades on the wall, and furniture. Be it vintage, semi-modern, or minimalistic, black granite will bring out an upmarket feeling.
  2. It is significantly more durable, especially when compared to white granite.
  3. With a high resistance to water and acids, you can rest assured that spillage of any kind will not affect your kitchen countertops, and be carefree while preparing and serving your food and beverages.
  4. The natural look that black granite kitchen countertops bring out can be indefinitely customized, enhanced, or subdued with the choice of tiles surrounding it.
  5. The natural fine-grain texture of granite kitchen worktops enables simplicity to be the ultimate sophistication and makes you realize that the investment made was quite sensible.
Benefits of choosing Black Granite

Types of Black Granite

There are several types of Black Granite, the textures, prices, and hues of which differ vastly from each other. Some of the most sought-after types are as follows:

  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Bengal Black Granite
  • Cincinnati Black Granite
  • Black Pearl Granite
  • Black Marquina Granite
  • Cobbles Marinache Black Granite
  • Golden Oro Exotic Granite
  • Majestic Lappato Granite
  • Marinache Black Granite

Finding the Perfect Backsplash for Black Granite

While Black granite countertops are quite versatile, choosing the perfect colors and backsplash might be a confusing decision for many. Based on individual taste, which can be subjective, some might prefer a vintage and ancient look while others might choose to mix things up. Whatever your preference might be, you don’t have to worry as there is something for everyone when it comes to granite.

Here are some popular color options that you can beautifully match with your black granite kitchen countertops:


The combination of black and white is a classic and they never go out of style. The distinct and unaltered style statement created by this combination will never let your kitchen feel stale.


This subtle and muted shade elegance adds a lavish touch to the ambiance. It manages to bring out a sense of depth and will make your kitchen feel a little larger than it is, without being too harsh on the eyes.


Along with a feeling of warmth, beige manages to give out a rustic vibe, especially when paired with muted brick walls. It is also easy on the eyes and helps create a cozy environment.

A vibrant citrus tint

Depending on the ongoing trends, you can choose to mix and match with a range of citrus colors to distinct your cabinets from the countertop. This makes for a clean and contemporary look.

Now when it comes to the backsplash, you have a plethora of options while remodeling your kitchen with black granite countertops. Whether you choose to go for a dark or a light backsplash, you can successfully create a contrasting or dramatic effect for your kitchen. Popular backsplash options are:

  • Subway tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • White marble
  • Granite (in a different color, with a different pattern)
  • Quartzite tiles
  • Stone tiles

Brighten up your kitchen with Impex Granite

There is a good chance that you might fall in love with the idea of using granite kitchen worktops while remodeling your property, once you understand the factors that make it special. The luxurious character that a granite kitchen countertop manages to add to space truly makes them irresistible.

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Even with so many advantages, there’s one that really stands out, and that’s the cooling properties of granite.