Granite Preferred for Headstones

Why is Granite Preferred for Headstones?

What is common between the Pyramids, the Pantheon, and the ancient temples of South India? Yes, granite was used in the construction of all these! There can be no better testament to the longevity of granite. The fact that granite monuments have withstood the elements for centuries without losing their form and shine, gives us an idea of why granite continues to be such a popular stone in construction and design today. There is lots more going on for granite other than its durability. Read on to know why this stone is the first choice for countertops, flooring, decorative walls, headstones, etc.

What is Granite rock?

Granite is an igneous rock that forms from magma that cools gradually and solidifies underground. It is mainly composed of feldspar and quartz along with various other minerals like mica, silica, etc. It is found all over the world and is quarried in various countries from the continental crust of the Earth. With granite being a popular choice of stone in construction and design, granite exporters make sure this demand is met all over the world.

Quartz and feldspar form an interlocking structure with other minerals scattered across, giving granite high density and rigidity. This tight composition also makes granite non-porous. Let us see what features this structure gives granite to make granite flooring, black granite headstones, black granite countertops, etc. such favored choices.

Granite Headstones

What are the properties of Granite Stone?

Granite suppliers swear by the suitability of granite in construction, design, and engineering. What are the features of this stone that make it so popular?

Let us see a few of these.

  • Granite stone is dense and hence, is highly resistant to harsh weather elements. This makes it a very durable construction material. We saw, with examples, how granite monuments supplier have endured not just for centuries but even millennia.
  • Granite’s strength allows it to bear weight remarkably well and this makes it an excellent building material. The rigidity of granite makes it relatively less susceptible to chipping and scratching
  • Granite can be polished to give it a completely different look from the rustic look of its natural finish. With polishing, granite acquires a glossy look that brings out the beautiful colors of the grains within. This polished look is what makes black granite countertops, black granite headstones, etc. look so elegant and timeless.
  • The best part about granite is that it comes in various colors. So, you can have your pick from greys, blacks, blues, greens, pinks, and other shades to give your design a unique touch.

Why are Granite Headstones a Preferred Option?

A headstone is a marker that, in certain faiths, is placed over a grave. It is usually etched with the name, age, and an epitaph for the deceased person by the family and near ones. This is placed to commemorate the departed soul and so, the headstone is chosen with great care by the family.

Here are the top reasons why most people opt for granite headstones:

  • The tight structure of granite does not allow water to permeate through it

    This makes granite an almost everlasting stone. Thus, a granite headstone will protect the grave and preserve the memory of the deceased for years.

  • Granites are aesthetically pleasing

    They come in a variety of shades such as blue, gray, green, gold and they possess different grain variations. Due to its appearance and unique patterns, granite cannot surpass any other stone.

  • Granite can be polished to give it a glossy finish

    The polishing also adds an additional layer of protection to the stone. A granite supplier can give options of unpolished or polished granite depending on whether the desired look is vintage or classic. Black granite headstones are a popular choice with people looking for a timeless look.

  • The unique composition of granite allows for intricate carving on its surface

    So, it becomes easy to etch text and design onto the stone. People can get the name and age carved on the headstone and an epitaph to remember the departed.

  • Granite can also be sculpted to get different shapes.

    Although the process is not easy, the stone can be polished to get a smooth look on the headstone.


The headstone on a grave mark the memory of the departed soul and gives great solace to the near and dear ones. It protects the grave and longevity is a top factor considered when choosing a headstone. For this reason, amongst others, granite is the most preferred choice for headstones.

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